Varianta 7 Express your opinion: dangerous cars

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Varianta 7 Express your opinion: dangerous cars

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Varianta 007
Express your opinion on the following statement: Cars are the greatest danger to human life today. Sustain your opinion with relevant arguments and examples. Write about 250 words.

I don’t agree with the statement. Everybody knows that cars are very important in our life. We cannot imagine how people could live without this invention many years ago. A lot of families, in all countries, have their own cars nowadays; they help us in daily life. Our life become easier since the end of last century, when people made their first car. There are many advantages of having a car. First of all we may move quickly from one place to another. It means that, if we have a car, we can go to the office or to school more easily than by bus, train or tramway. Moreover traveling by car is also much more comfortable than using public transport because they are less cramped and have luxuries such as an air-conditioner and a sound system. Another drawback is that we can have touring holidays, trips when we want and when you are driving a car; you can get a fascinating experience. Even though, if you want to have a car, you have to pay much money for petrol, all needed services and taxes. In addiction, in last several years there has been very popular way to limit our expenses – you may supply your car with engine on ground gas. All the things considered it seems that our life would be much harder, if we did not have cars. Ever since the creation of a car itself has became a symbol of advance and an excellent invention of mankind.
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