Biletul 24 opportunities for selfdevelopment abroad

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Biletul 24 opportunities for selfdevelopment abroad

Mesajde mell pe Vin Apr 25, 2008 2:53 pm

24.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: One has more opportunities for selfdevelopment abroad? Bring arguments and examples to sustain your opinion.
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Re: Biletul 24 opportunities for selfdevelopment abroad

Mesajde ancanka pe Mar Mai 06, 2008 7:17 pm

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24.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: One has more opportunities for selfdevelopment abroad? Bring arguments and examples to sustain your opinion.

Abroad you develop a sort of ability to survive. You are there, in another place, where people talk a foreing language and where you will not be the first choice for an employer. It is teachful. Pets are sort of children, you can take care of. In return, you get sort of childish love. It has a sort of natural positive impact on one's heart (considered that love and to be loved in return is what should make people happy!). I do not have friends, nor enemies. Describe yourself and this is one: a human being. (I consider we all are human beings.
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Re: Biletul 24 opportunities for selfdevelopment abroad

Mesajde Aixa pe Lun Iun 23, 2008 9:28 pm

Living abroad is something that especially the younger ones often dream about.

Living abroad is an excellent way to meet new people and truly learn and understand a culture.It also lets you learn about many new things, make new friends, and develop benefits for your career. You can develop real advantages like improved foreign language skills, a more international perspective, greater tolerance for other opinions, ability to think more originally and to see more than one perspective on an issue, greater self-reliance and self-confidence and more comfort with complex situations.But living in a new culture helps us realize new ways of doing things, and also helps us to see that even though we are different, we are all human. And in many cases, not only will you get to know the natives of the country you are visiting, you may get to know people from all over the world.

Nowadays students try to find and study at good universities which have better opportunities and facilities. For that reason students select to study abroad because of some advantages such as learning a new language, better opportunities, well equipped laboratories, well stocked libraries and best computer facilities, which are more useful after graduation, in spite of the fact that there are also many disadvantages that students will encounter at the beginning like, culture shock, home sickness, difficulties in communication.

One of the greatest things that happens when you do something as big as live in another country is that you become a changed person and your outlook on life is different. Your new maturity can help lead you to new places in your life.You will develop self-reliance. You will learn to work effectively with people from cultural backgrounds. You can establish contacts that may open up new opportunities in your future career.
In conclusion , I think that living abroad may be very good for everyone and can give opportunities for self-development.
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Re: Biletul 24 opportunities for selfdevelopment abroad

Mesajde musa paradisiaca pe Mar Iun 24, 2008 6:20 pm

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24.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: One has more opportunities for self development abroad? Bring arguments and examples to sustain your opinion.

"Abroad ! That large home of ruined reputation !" ( George Eliot )

"A man should know something of his own country, too, before he goes abroad." ( Laurence Sterne )

"True ! But a man should know something of the ABROAD too, before he / she goes into it." ( Musa Paradisiaca )

Introduction :

- the abroad chance can positively influence the career path, the world view and the self confidence of the people involved in it;
- the abroad chance can help them be more effective, more respectful of other cultures and political and economic systems;
- the abroad chance can make them willing to take a new stand for their country's welfare, as well as the world's welfare;

Development :

A. The "ABROAD CHANCE" - A Gate to Self Flowering

- the encounter with another culture and society require a high level of openness towards the new cultural elements;
- this unique experience also asks for a willingness to adapt and positively respond to linguistic, behavioural and ideological challenges;
- this attainment of a higher global awareness involves a process of self-evaluation;
- this self-evaluation is a continuous evaluation a his/ her own nation and culture and the new-encountered nation and culture;
- this evaluation creates a context for e comprehensive understanding of the role and importance of tolerance in inter-cultural communication;
- it can be a rare opportunity to acquire firsthand knowledge of another culture, or develop or improve fluency in another language;
- the abroad experience can also change completely the way you view yourself;
- the intensity of the experience may stretch you in unexpected ways, but can give you increased confidence in your own capabilities;
- according to an extensive survey performed by IES ( the Institute for the Education of Students ), 96% of the students experienced an increase in self-confidence; 97% recognized the study abroad as a "catalyst" for increased maturity; and 95% stated that study abroad had a lasting impact on world view;

B. The "ABROAD CHANCE" - A Gate to Self Inter-cultural Expansion

- universities and employers around the world agree more and more with the importance of inter-cultural communication and "global intelligence";
- they say that those with international study experience possess communicate better, are more flexible, become good leaders, are autonomous, innovative, more mature, better in making presentations, more ambitious, and more independent;
- that is why numerous institutions have implemented study abroad as a compulsory degree requirement;
- through study abroad programs students are expected to acquire inter-cultural communication skills, political, historical and geographical knowledge of other cultures, global awareness, national awareness, efficiency in other fields of study, as well as an understanding of the contemporary inter-national context, its problems and potential solutions;
- the inter-cultural development represent the level of sensitivity that individuals can attain with regard to other cultures and nations;
- in the cultural development they actively engage in finding answers to the grave problems that the global community is experiencing;
- so it is almost certain that you will return from abroad with :
- a more informed and more accurate perspective of the world's affairs;
- first-hand knowledge of how another culture approaches the tasks and challenges of everyday life;
- a sense of how "global: the international culture has become;
- and an appreciation of the importance of international cooperation;

C. The "ABROAD CHANCE" - A Gate to Self Professional Progress

- the abroad chance definitely influences those people's career paths in a positive way;
- seeing how the world turns on and what makes the world turn on from a broader perspective than the national one can better prepare them for the professional realm;
- of course it is not about shoemakers, or blacksmiths, or milkmen, or hair-stylers;
- it's about those professions where leadership skills, innovation, presentation skills, ambition, independence and cultural knowledge are prerequisites;
- and indeed some important professions nowadays require critical, practical, academic, and linguistic skills, which can be developed in a better way through a sojourn abroad;
- such skills give students a crucial advantage on any job market due to the mature contemporary global communication, and inter-cultural interaction;
- a IES ( the Institute for the Education of Students ) study revealed that :
- 76% of the students who studied abroad "acquired skill sets that influenced their career paths";
- and that :
- 62% of the students who studied abroad opted for a different career path after their experience abroad;
- this means that their experience outside their country helped them better understand themselves, the society's needs, and a new perspective on how to adjust rapidly to the challenging realm of the job market;

Conclusion :

- the abroad experience help people / students better understand their own cultural values and prejudices;
- the abroad experience teach people / students valuable interpersonal and life- skills, which better prepare them for the professional realm;
- the abroad experience immerses people / students in another country and culture, and thus expands a broader view of the world;
musa paradisiaca
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Re: Biletul 24 opportunities for selfdevelopment abroad

Mesajde Leatus pe Mie Iun 25, 2008 10:10 am

24.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: One has more opportunities for selfdevelopment abroad? Bring arguments and examples to sustain your opinion.


its not a question of one. it is a question of many. no one cares about one. some care about many. whether one has less or more opportunities for selfdevelopment abroad is a very relative general question and retarded at the same time. Selfdevelopment is a very relative thing and different from human to human depending on how informed,intelligent,efficient and energetic he or she is. Whether or not a person can develop better in Romania or in some other country is again very subjective because each country and it's people laws and everything else is different from eachother. So your question is not in the right place in my opinion. Can i selfdevelop better in Venezuela where crime and violence are booming ? Probably not. Should i go to the United States then ? The country where Bush ordered the death of some american civilians and soldiers because he felt like invading some middle east countries so him and his crew can control the price of oil better ? Probably not. I'm not gonna characterize every country in the world but in the end i m probably gonna stay in Romania for the time being and if i feel like going somewhere else, i will, just like any other person would probably do.
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