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Biletul 13 negative aspects of using the Internet

MesajScris: Vin Apr 25, 2008 2:44 pm
de mell
13.Speak about the negative aspects of using the Internet. Give arguments and examples to support your ideas.

Re: Biletul 13 negative aspects of using the Internet

MesajScris: Lun Mai 05, 2008 7:55 am
de ancanka
The internet is literally one of the greatest inventions of this century and possibly of the entire history of mankind. The unprecedented access to information and the ease of communication has literally changed our lives forever on multiple levels. This includes how we do our work, how we communicate and how we conduct ourselves in our spare time. The amount of Torah resources online is quite incredible, allowing one to have a virtual Bait Medrash at one's finger tips 24/7. I could go on forever at the great advantages of the internet and how it is greatly improved our lives. However that is not the purpose of the post. It it not my attention to come across as a “fanatic” or “prude”, but I feel that these issues are relevant and real and should be discussed.

The purpose of this post is to talk about the negative aspects of the internet, how these aspects have effected our lives and what possible measures can be implemented to avoid / counteract them. Obviously as mentioned before this post is going to be one of extremes, painting things in terms of black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. While we all know that life isn't in terms of black and white, but rather many shades of grey, I feel my points will best be conveyed by taking this approach.

First of all we need a clear and frank analysis of what these negative aspects of the Internet are. The comments will be of a general nature as well as observations specific to the Orthodox Jewish community.

1) The complete ease and unrestricted access to a multitude of pornographic material in a variety of media formats. This includes explicit sites dedicated to pornography as well as subtle sexual inferences in online advertising and pop ups. There is also an abundance of emails “spam” that are sent on a daily basis trying to draw subscribers to these websites.

2) Online chat groups where anonymous individuals can meet online and engage in unrestricted conversation. The conversation could be of course strictly innocent, on the the other hand, it could be of more sinister nature. There is a potential for sexual deviants to prey on unsuspecting minors as well as inappropriate male / female relationships being formed.

3) As the internet is a unrestricted, uncensored medium anyone can post anything they want. Some of this material can be inappropriate, dedicated to the glorification of the worst aspects of human nature (violence, hate, rape, mockery, slander, etc)

4) Even on websites that are deemed to be innocent, many of the advertisements and/or content are inappropriate from the Orthodox Jewish perspective as the Modern Secular Westernized world has completely different criteria of what is modest, dignified and laudable.

5) The internet has become a staple part of our mode of communication. This includes email, video/ audio conferences and messenger clients (Eg MSN Messenger, Yahoo, AOL, etc). This mode of communication is highly effective and beneficial when dealing with individuals who live over long distances. However, when the internet becomes the defacto means of communication between friends and family this can lead to a deterioration of the quality of our relationships. If one can just “chat” online, one often misses valuable opportunities to communicate with people on a one-to-one basis in “real life”.

6) The Internet like anything can be highly addictive. It can cause interference in ones work/ study and family life. The excess amount of time spent online can lead to a lack of sleep, and ill health in the short / long term due to lack of exercise and sunlight.

Much more could be said on this issue..

Re: Biletul 13 negative aspects of using the Internet

MesajScris: Joi Iun 19, 2008 11:05 am
de musa paradisiaca
[quote="mell"]13.Speak about the negative aspects of using the Internet. Give arguments and examples to support your ideas.[/quote

"Internet content is totally uncensored. Because of this Internet surfers may be exposed to unwanted valueless materials, wanted valueless materials, and purposeful malicious catches." ( Musa Paradisiaca )

Introduction :

- the Internet contains an infinite number of high-quality, interesting, intriguing and well-designed sites;
- the Internet surfing is usually a source of enjoyment and acquisition of knowledge;
- however, because there is no supervision in this environment, it is sometimes difficult to know when positive activity could become dangerous and cause damage;
- so it is important for Internet surfers to be aware of the Internet lurking dangers;

Development :

A. Internet Dangers Innocently Provoked by the Internet Surfer :

a). exposure to inappropriate content :

- Internet content is totally uncensored;
- because of this, Internet surfers ( especially children ) can be exposed to sexual, malicious, racist, and violent content in e-mail messages, chats, and forums;

b ) crime related dangers :

- group of Web offenders ( hackers, crackers ) operate on the Internet breaking into computers of companies government agencies to destroy and leak information;
- these offenders sometimes try to recruit children to carry out these assignments;

c). politically related dangers :

- extreme groups or organizations could use children surfing the Internet as a means of achieving nationalistic goals;
- the case of the 16-year-old Ofir Rahum ( January 2001 ) is well-known;
- Ofir Rahum from Ashqelon, Israel, was killed by a group of Palestinian terrorists in Ramallah, where he was attracted by a young female "so-called" tourist, met by Ofir on the Internet, and who pretended to be in love with him, but who proved to be a real bitch ( as she worked with those terrorists );

d). intimidation, annoying, and harassment :

- internet surfers ( and children also ) are likely to encounter disturbing, humiliating, insulting or aggressive content in e-mail messages, or in chats;
- private chat rooms could turn into dangerous places because not all participants can see the conversations;
- so it is easier to force or threaten someone;

e). drugs, alcohol and other related dangers :

- it is possible for Internet surfers to find information encouraging illegal drugs;
- the information encountered by the Internet surfer may encourage them to use alcohol;
- or by presenting them how to prepare explosives, it can tempt them into trying this;

f). the danger of unintentional pornography :

- through innocent, imprecise, misdirect searches children may be led into pornographic sites;
- Internet pornography harms children by its threat to make children victims of sexual violence;
- Internet pornography harms children by its disastrous results ( sexual illness, unplanned pregnancies, and sexual addiction );
- Internet pornography harms children by inciting them to act out sexually against other children;
- Internet pornography harms children by instilling into their hearts and minds distorted attitudes and values about relationships, sex, intimacy, love and marriage;
- Internet pornography harms children by interfering with their development and identity;

B. Internet Dangers Purposefully Created or Used by Internet Manipulators :

a). privacy violation :

- sites, commercial organizations, and harassers of various kinds try to extract personal information from Internet surfers ( especially children ), namely : name, age, address, telephone number, and the school they attend, in order to use it in a malicious way;
- this type of information is often used for commercial purposes;
- but in more serious cases, it is used to persuade Internet surfers to go somewhere or do something;
- or it may be used to exploit innocent children;

b). Internet gambling :

- there are many gambling sites on the Internet;
- the magic word in gambling is your credit card;
- anyone with a credit card at his disposal can enter and gamble;
- children do not possess credit cards, so they may use their parents' credit cards, and thus ruin their wages ( at least for one months );
- that is why Internet gambling is illegal for minors;

c). the tempting romance :

- people who find it hard to get a date resort to Internet for romance;
- most of the time an Internet romance can be safe, but sometimes one could be chatting with a murderer who is searching for his prey on the Internet;
- hiding behind a screen name, the murderer can claim to be a nice, attractive and clean cut guy until persuades his victim to meet at a location away from others, where he intends to performs a crime ( robbery, murder );

d). fraud :

- this is when someone steals someone else's screen name and password and goes on line to a commercial site and begins to order vast amounts of merchandise under the stolen identity;
- the thief then gets away with the crime, because he can have the merchandise shipped overnight to a "pick up" location, and then disappear before the victim even receives the bill;

e). e-mail SCAM :

- one scam used most frequently is when someone receives an e-mail claiming to clear away any credit problems that the person has, but on one condition - sending their personal information, and if the blockhead does so, the manipulator takes the information and assumes the victim's identity, buying anything ( from computer equipment to vehicles );
- another internet scam ( not as common as the first ) is when you receive an e-mail saying that you have won a free prize, but you have to call an international long distance number to claim the prize, and if you do so, the operator pretends he / she does not speak English, or they will keep you on hold for as long as possible in order to hugely charge your phone bill;

f). the danger of malicious software :

- there are several forms of malicious software infections ( malware ) which may compromise my system or harm myself;
- unlike viruses in the old days, most malicious software now operate in the background without the computer even knowing that they are;
- adbots : deliver unwanted advertisements to my computer, usually in the form of pop-up windows;
- backdoors : enter my computer bypassing the normal authentication procedures, in order to allow hackers to utilize my computer for any reason they want ( usually bad reasons );
- DDoS Zombies : create backdoors into my computer system from which a hacker can "call up" my computer to be used as distributed denial of service tool;
- dialers : automatically connect my computer to sites to download even more malicious software to my computer or they can call 900 numbers which can run up my phone bills;
- downloaders : are used by someone to download files from my computer to their computer for various reasons ( usually bad reasons );
- hijackers : take control of various parts of my web browser, including my home page, search pages, and search bar, or redirect me to certain sites, or prevent me from going to a website that provides software updates;
- keyloggers : capture the keystroke from my keyboard and save it to a file to be transmitted to a hacker who can use it ( when I order products on line through a "secure" order form ) in order to gather useful info such as my user / password pairs, my account #s, my credit card, PIN #s, and other personal info , which he can use to steal my identity for the purposes of his financial gain in my name and liability;
- spybots : send back info from my computer back to interested parties about my activities for the purpose of gathering info about me;
- spyware : gather info about me and other files on my computer to be used in different ways;
- trojans : help hackers on the Internet to gather information from my computer, or use my computer as a tool for malicious activity, by sending spam from my computer, or using my computer to hack into other systems;

C. Internet Dangers Consciously Provoked by the Internet Surfer :

a). endangering my privacy :

- sometimes I may encourage myself to join clubs and enter competition;
- when I do so I consciously reveal my name and address;
- and I may become the target of unwelcome marketing and other material;

b). endangering my health :

- through excessive use of the internet I may endanger my health, because Internet can become addictive;
- it is important that I do not use the Internet so much that I exclude other developmentally appropriate tasks;
- if my use of the Internet is so excessive that I become physically inactive or unable to do my daily tasks I am in danger;

c). the danger of wanted pornography :

- even the most diligent parental guidance and supervision sometimes cannot prevent a child ( who is determined to watch pornography ) from viewing it on the Internet;
- children have access to computers and the internet not only from home, but also from other places ( from school computer laboratories, from libraries or from their friends' homes );
- pornography is of two kinds : legal pornography ( legal for consenting adults, but illegal for minor children, and which include indecency and materials harmful to minors ), and illegal pornography ( illegal for adults as well as for children, and which include obscenity and child pornography );
- indecent materials ( often called " sexual nudity" and "dirty words" ) include messages or pictures that describe or depict the sexual or excretory organs or activities, and they are considered inoffensive to consenting adults, but offensive to non-consenting adults, and especially to children;
- materials harmful to minors ( often referred to as "soft-core pornography" ) represent nudity or sex that unpleasantly or unwillingly exercise appeal to minors, are offensive and unsuitable for minors, and lack serious value for them ( even though for consenting adults they are legally OK and personally sex arousing );
- obscene materials ( often called "hard-core pornography" ) include close-ups of graphic acts and deviant activities, such as penetration, group sex, bestiality, torture, incest, and excretory functions;
- while possessing obscene materials by adults in their homes in not considered illegal, the production, transmission, and distribution of obscenity is illegal;
- it is also illegal to upload ( transmit from your computer to internet ) or download ( copy from the internet onto your personal computer ) internet obscenity to use for purposes others than personal;
- child pornography includes materials that visually depict children under the age of 18 engage in actual or simulated sexual activity, ( including lewd exhibition of the genitals ), and is illegal and drastically punished by law;
- any child with unrestricted Internet access might view child pornographic materials through accidentally accessing such sites or by deliberately searching them out, and the danger is that the child immediately takes such behaviours as being normal everyday conduct;

Conclusion :

- one of the major disadvantages of the Internet is the lack of supervision of the content;
- quite innocently the internet surfer can bring up information that does not refer to the topic they are looking for, or someone can send them images and messages that are not appropriate;
- an internet surfer may accidentally and unwillingly form "friendships" with strangers;
- the internet surfers may become victims of cyberbullying ( use of online technology to harass or intimidate another person );
- the internet surfers may be subjected to advertising pressures ( designed to put pressure on them to purchase goods on line );
- the internet surfers can take all the information available on line as correct, even though many times it can be incorrect and inaccurate;
- the internet surfers may endanger their health through excessive use of the internet;

Re: Biletul 13 negative aspects of using the Internet

MesajScris: Lun Iun 23, 2008 9:20 pm
de Aixa
Internet represents one of the most significant inventions in civilization of mankind. Internet is just to make things easier and faster. We are using the technology for a better life. It has become part of our lives and we are more than dependent on computers.

Depending on computers and Internet is not a good thing.I think we should use but not depend on it. Many people today are enjoying a day-to-day reliance on the Internet. They talk abot e-shopping, e-trading, e-therapy and just about "e-everything".One of many concerns is that humans will no longer need to relate with one another for information and services the Internet can now provide.In my opinion, the accelerating speed of information should not replace human communication, thinking or creativity.

Internet can be used for a variety of things like: write a letter and keep in touch, do shopping, communicating with each other at great distances, meet new people, share new ideas, downloading music, videos, pictures and easy way to store information .The advantages are endless but there are also many disadvantages like: fraud, child exploitation, data corruption, violence, pornography or theft of money, credit and personal information. Much information about people is now made public and shared between private organizations. In the right hands, this information can be helpful, but in the wrong hands can have several detrimental effects.The Internet provides an unrestricted acces to a multitude of pornographic material in a variety of media formats. There is also an abundance of emails “spam” that are sent on a daily basis trying to draw subscribers to these websites.

Many studies show that children spend more time in front of their computers,playing video games or chatting than going out playing in the park with other children.Children loose their time and stay up too late and this can cause health problems especially at the eyes or lead to a lack of sleep.

In spite of the bad aspects, computers have become such an important part of our life that is hard to imagine living without them.Whether it is bad or good, we can't stop depending on it.