Biletul 6 change one important thing about your hometown

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Biletul 6 change one important thing about your hometown

Mesajde mell pe Vin Apr 25, 2008 2:32 pm

6.If you could change one important thing about your hometown, what would you change? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.
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Re: Biletul 6 change one important thing about your hometown

Mesajde Andreea pe Lun Mai 05, 2008 7:30 am

I live in a city of a poor country. I have been living there since I was born, so I know what the stingy problem of my hometown is. Business of my dear city has not developed yet. People still has low living level. Frankly, the main reason is bureaucratic procedure.

Firstly, the procedure is so complicated that having legal business documents has many challenges. For example, if a man wishes to start a business, he has to spend at least 3 months to hold all authorized documents in his hand because, according to the bureaucratic authorized official, he has to knock each office’s door about twice or three times a day. The reason is these officials have to solve their own works: having breakfast, coming back home for preparing meal, bring their children after school, and so on. They are unreasonable reasons, but they still exit. In estimation, he must have spent a week on having each red authorized sign, and he must have had 20 ones regularly. Totally, it must have taken him 20 weeks or 5 months.

Secondly, the procedure changes every year. Just after he got the new procedure regulation, he has studied the newest one. This is a poor man because he always lags behind it. As a result, if he is late in seeking the lawful authorized some days, he will wait until a new one, which is the most updated.
Finally, these disadvantages are challenges that bother investors. Despite of many attracted resources, such as: low-paid labor, coal resource, various animals, beautiful sights, they are undecided about their investment. It is one of indirect reason why my city is still poor. I wish my city and country would be develop in future. To practice my wish, changing bureaucratic procedure is emergency thing.
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Re: Biletul 6 change one important thing about your hometown

Mesajde ancanka pe Lun Mai 05, 2008 7:31 am

I live in a very beautiful town, placed at the shore of the Black Sea. You can find almost everything in my town: leisure centres, malls, supermarkets, resorts, cinemas, huge parks, clubs, pubs, rinks, theaters etc. At a glance, it looks like a perfect place to live in. And it is. It's difficult to think of something that I would change. We have an wonderful mayor, who is loved by everybody. Well, by almost everybody... because, last year, he did a very serious mistake: he didn't reejct teh aide of some bussinessmen to deforest an important area from the nearby park, allowing a supermall to be built. The dwellers therefore were very upset by this decision, and protests took place. The trees whici were condemn to fell, were inscribed with texts as "I am the tree no.150, and I will die soon". It was terrible sad to watch that. Now a serious part of the park who it used to be so lively and beautiful, have been chopped, being replaced with parking lots and the mall itself. I decided neither to visit, nor to buy antthing from that mall, as a form of protest, or a boycott. Therefore, if there is something that I would really like to change in my beautiful town, would be that mall, who I d like vanished.
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Re: Biletul 6 change one important thing about your hometown

Mesajde musa paradisiaca pe Dum Iun 22, 2008 4:11 am

mell scrie:
6.If you could change one important thing about your hometown, what would you change? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

"What is the city but the people ?" ( William Shakespeare )

"For a city consists in men, not in walls, not in ships empty of men." ( Nicias )

"God made the country. And man made the town." ( William Cowper )

"The knowledge of courtesy is a very necessary study; like peace and beauty it brings mutual liking." ( Michel de Montaigne )

"A man who moralizes is usually a hypocrite." ( Oscar Wilde )

"Intemperance is the physician's provider." ( Publius Syrus )

Introduction :

- loosely speaking, a mentality is a mental or intellectual activity;
- but in everyday language, mentality is a quality of the mind that is taken as characteristic of a particular individual or class of individuals;
- I use the term mentality in its everyday, common meaning;
- here are the three least mentalities of my town's inhabitants that I would change : moralizing; incivility; and intemperance;

Development :

The Thing I Would Change about My Town :

A. Moralizing - the Claim of Monopoly on Moral Judgment

- a moralizer is a person who seeks to impose upon others his or her views of how they should live and behave;
- everyone is entitled to a view about what counts as accessible behaviour;
- and everyone in entitled to put it forward as eloquently and forcefully as he / she can;
- but moralizers go much further;
- they want others to conform to their views;
- and they seek to bring this about by coercion - employing means which range from social disapproval to legal control;
- when moralizers force others to comply with their preferences they show at least several of the following : insensitivity; intolerance; unkindness; lack of imagination; failure of sympathy; absence of understanding; ignorance of alternative, interests and needs in human experience; and arrogance in believing that their way is the only acceptable way;
- they defend their actions by saying that they are trying to defend others from harm;
- by this they claim a monopoly on moral judgment;
- they also pretend the right to decide on other's behalf what is good for them;
- that is why I would change this mentality as quickly as possible ( even overnight, if possible );

B. Incivility - Invading Other's Privacy :

- despite appearance, our 21st century world is not undergoing a new immoral age;
- but instead, it is suffering a different phenomenon : a loss of civility, a deficit of GOOD MANNERS;
- what has happened is a decay of what makes the social machine function : a breakdown of the mutual tolerance and respect;
- this mutual tolerance and respect should allow room in a complex, plural society for individuals to live their own lives in peace;
- youth spitting and the pavement and sweating in buses offer merely superficial symptoms of incivility;
- but what about gossiping, and backbiting ?
- even more serious are such things as invasion of privacy and irruption into areas of personal lives irrelevant to public concerns ( for example expose of the sex lives of others );
- our age is in fact a moralistic age;
- this moralistic age is a large part of the problem;
- because moralistic attitudes are intolerant;
- and intolerance is one of the worst discourtesies;
- ill-mannered people are generally so because they falsely estimate their own value;
- that is why I would immediately change the dangerous mentality of incivility which affects our lives at a high rate;

C. Intemperance - a Destructive Habit

- one night of alcohol-assisted celebration, especially of a major event, might leave one feeling allergic to light and sound, averse to the thought of food, intolerant even of the simplest and mildest forms of human interaction;
- these are in fact the wages of intemperance;
- there is a trick in the nature of some things, but especially of those two wild horsemen : alcohol and merriment;
- these two wild horsemen may urge us on just when we have already gone too far;
- intemperance is stimulating is itself;
- intemperance also has the salutary effect of preventing moderation become a habit;
- all instruments of excess are destructions;
- sometimes, excess - in moderation - keeps our sense of perspective, and has a cathartic effect, flushing our blocked up conventionalities of our sensibilities ( by moderate excess I mean the occasional abandonment to excess );
- but what if the excess is every night ?
- of course, everyone is entitled to substitute a dream that can be readily and quickly invoked for a reality which is hard, long, and uncertain to get;
- however, each one of us who is well anchored in every day life reality knows that this reality is much better than any blurred and temporary simulacrum can hope to be;
- one advantage of alcohol is that its effects are proportional to quantity;
- a little alcohol serves as a relaxing social lubricant, helping fellow guests warm to one another;
- but ( even at legal level ) alcohol makes the imbiber a menace if driving a car;
- larger quantities of alcohol subjugate one's muscular control and inhibitions;
- and very large quantities of alcohol can even kill an individual;
- this is why I would change this mentality about intemperance in my town's inhabitants;

Conclusion :

- urging individuals to be moral rarely works;
- the only genuinely practical way to get a good society is through communal morality;
- this communal morality ( obtained by debate and reflection in our best mood of tolerant good sense ) should concentrate on how as a society we can order our affairs in the direction of fairness and decency;
- "Civility is to human nature what warmth is to wax!" ( Arthur Schopenhauer )
- civility is our best hope to find and maintain that subtle and constantly renegotiated equilibrium on which the existence of society depends;
- one can be intemperate in many ways, but intemperance is most applied to the use of alcohol and other intoxicants;
- people choose to mark significant occasions by getting intoxicated ( inducing temporary, but often profound changes in their usual selves );
- yet many times some people choose to get intoxicated daily, becoming a danger for themselves and others around them;
- mentalities that drastically affect a society should be changed radically;
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Re: Biletul 6 change one important thing about your hometown

Mesajde Aixa pe Lun Iun 23, 2008 9:15 pm

If i could change one important thing about my hometown it would be in the scholar system. I think we should pay more attention to scholar sport. The aim is to encourage, promote and support sport and healthy lifestyle initiatives for young people.
A recent study shows that more and more children are spending hours in front of TV or computer screens every night, contributing to a large amount of children categorised as obese.That's why i think we should focus on promoting sport in schools and show young people the importance of sport activity.

Team and individual sports should be popular part of our schools. They must be well organized and introduce students to individual and team sports.These can help students move through regional and provincial competitions.There are many benefits for students who are involved in sports. They are physically active, which helps keep them healthy. They also learn about teamwork, discipline and leadership.
Schools should promote student participation in activities after class and develop programs and competitions between schools. Sport teaches us big lessons for life. Most sports involve teamwork and teach us how to get along with others, how to work together to achieve a common goal, and about trust and responsibility. All sports teach us about dealing with success and failure. Sport encourages a sense of belonging and identity, bringing people together .It also brings people from different classes and backgrounds together - after all, sport is a universal language.
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