Raspuns - primul bilet engleza oral

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Raspuns - primul bilet engleza oral

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1. What is central idea of the text?

The central idea of the text refers to a case in England where a mother was fined foe her con`s absences from school. She was judged by a court and ordered to pay L50.

2. What is the boy`s main reason for his absences?

The main reason for the boy`s absences is his late-night life style.

3.Should mothers be fined for their children`s immoral behaviour?

Not all mothers should be fined for their children`s immoral behaviour. There are very responsible and careful mothers and they shouldn`t be fined because they are interested in the education of their children.
But there are mothers who pretend to be very busy and they don`t care about their children. These mothers should be fined.

-If you could change one important thing about your hometown, what would you change?

My home town is a big and beautiful one. Of course, there are many things that I would change but first of all I would change the streets.
Our city is more crowded with cars and it is more difficult to travel in good conditions. The streets have holes which damage the cars.
Because there aren`t enough parks for the cars we can see them every where: on the pavement or in the streets. The authorities should take measures to repair the streets and build parks for the cars to create comfortable conditions for the traffic.
At peak hours we are stuck in the traffic and it is very difficult to arrive at a destination in time.
I think this is a problem for all the towns of our country and all the drivers are angry with his situation.
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